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Emmet Mc Cormack, PhD is Professor of Pharmacy in the Department of clinical Science at the university of Bergen. His research focus is the development and effective translation of novel therapies and imaging strategies for the treatment of cancer, particularly cancers with limited therapeutic options. He is board member of the Norwegian Oncology of Molecular Imaging, node leader in EATRIS Imaging and tracing and also chairman of KinN Therapeutics AS.

Email: Emmet.Mc.Cormack@uib.no



Calum Leitch, M. Sc., Principal Scientist, has been working on the identification and repurposing of approved medicines for therapy development in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. Leitch holds great expertise in pre-clinical research using PDX models as well as mass and flow cytometry.

Email: Calum.Leitch@uib.no



Cara Wogsland, PhD, Senior Researcher, is heading up mass cytometry (CyTOF) research at KinN Therapeutics. Her expertise lies in high-dimensional single-cell immunology of human tissues and mouse models of cancer. Wogsland has over 8 years of experience in mass cytometry, spanning the full spectrum from panel design to advanced computational analysis.  

Email: Cara.wogsland@uib.no



Mihaela Popa, DVM, COO, is the leading veterinarian of KinN Therapeutics. She has over 10 years’ experience in development of pre-clinical cancer models and multimodal imaging modalities.

Email: Mihaela.Popa@uib.no



Email: Pascal.Gelebart@uib.no



Vibeke Fosse is a veterinary surgeon who holds a Masters degree specialisation in companion animal oncology.  She joined the Precos lab in 2016, and she has been working on the development of targeted fluorescence image-guided surgery. Vibeke is passionate about using companion animals with naturally occurring cancer as a model for human cancer research, as comparative oncology offers a representative clinical model and  has the added benefit of improving cancer care for pets.

Email: Vibeke.Fosse@uib.no


Postdoctoral Fellow

Katrin Kleinmanns, M.Sc. PhD has a background in biomedicine and after completing her PhD at the end of 2019 entitled “Rethinking high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma: Development of new preclinical animal models for evaluation of image-guided surgery and immunotherapy”, she started as a postdoctoral researcher in the INovA group (https://inova.w.uib.no/). Her project focus on the generation of immunocompetent humanized patient-derived xenograft model of high-grade serous ovarian cancer. This aims to further improve therapeutic interventions by optimizing image-guided surgery and testing immunotherapies.

Email: Katrin.Kleinmanns@uib.no


Research Engineer

Constance de Montlaur, M. Sc., PhD, laboratory engineer, has a PhD in physiology. Constance de Montlaur is involved in pre-clinical testing of new compounds.

Email: Constance.Montlaur@uib.no


Research Engineer

Mireia Mayoral Safont, B. Sc., laboratory engineer, has a bachelor degree in Biology, and three year’s experience from the pharmaceutical industry prior to joining the team at the University of Bergen. Ms. Safont has extended experience in pre-clinical studies, flow cytometry and PK/PD modeling.

Email: Mireia.Safont@uib.no


Research Engineer

Email: Zinayida.Fandalyuk@uib.no


PhD Candidate

I started my scientific career with a degree in clinical analysis and public health (High institute of health, Portugal) during which I have developed an interest in immunology and in the comprehension of disease pathological mechanisms. This led me to pursue first a master’s degree in molecular genetics (University of Minho, Portugal) where I studied the genotype distribution, prevalence, and variations along time of oral Candida albicans colonization in healthy individuals.

Email: Angela.Mesquita@uib.no


PhD Candidate

Christiane Helgestad Gjerde graduated from medical school and the medical student research program at the University of Bergen in 2019. She is now pursuing her PhD in the Bjørge/McCormack group (UiB). Her research focuses on the development of better preclinical models of ovarian cancer, through the establishment, characterization and application of an organoid platform

Email: Christiane.Gjerde@uib.no


PhD Candidate

Luka received his M.Sc. in molecular biology in 2019, from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. After writing his thesis as part of the Lymphoma Biology and Survival research group of the University of Helsinki, he joined the INOvA group in 2020 as a PhD student. Luka’s project aims to determine predictive biomarkers applicable for use in improved patient selection for combinatorial immunotherapy of epithelial ovarian cancer. This will be accomplished through the use of the Helios™ and Hyperion™ mass cytometry platforms, as well as by the development of novel mouse models of ovarian cancer. Luka’s scientific interests are in biomarker discovery and optimization, and personalized medicine of high-mortality cancers.

Email: Luka.Tandaric@uib.no


PhD Candidate

Email: May.Gjerstad@uib.no


PhD Candidate

Tara Helén Dowling is a PhD fellow in the PrecOS lab and Bjørn Tore Gjertsens group. Dowling holds a Bachelor of Science – Biology(BSc) and a Master of Science (MSc) in Cell Biology both from the University of Bergen. Since the onset of her PhD in 2016; Dowling has focused on developing humanized bone-marrow niche xenotransplation models in Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) and myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). Dowling also focuses on precision oncology, – investigating potential therapeutical biomarkers for novel therapy of AML

Email: Tara.Dowling@uib.no

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